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Affiliates / Frequently Asked Questions

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing plays an important part in the successful marketing strategy of many online retailers. It's a way for retailers to create a network of people (affiliates) who will work to promote their websites and their products to customers over the internet. The affiliate can do this through using several different promotional tools, such as banner ads or links, which will direct users to the retailer's web site. The retailer tracks how many users visit their site because of the affiliate's promotional tools and will reward them with a commission based on either how many visitors or sales are generated.

Does it cost anything to join the Hexpress network?

Joining the Hexpress affiliate network is free. Better still, we pay affiliates £25 (approx. $40) just for signing up. In addition to this sign-up bonus, there is unlimited potential for affiliates to earn more money by directing customers to any of our online stores. Furthermore, you'll also receive a share of the profits from any affiliates who you introduce to the Hexpress Affiliates Network.

Can I promote your products through any type of website?

Yes! The Hexpress affiliate network is designed to work with web sites of any form, regardless of the number of pages or the topic of the site. We also offer separate channels through our reports, to help you to track statistics from more than one website at once.

How much will I earn through your network?

All our merchants provide only branded, authentic medications. We do not offer generics, therefore, our average order values are amongst the highest offered by any health affiliate network. The network standard commission is 13% on successful orders, although this may be different depending on the specific campaign. The earnings potential for affiliates is unlimited! As our affiliate pharmacy network has grown over the last few years, it has not been uncommon to see affiliates regularly earning 5-figure sums per month.

How do you track my results?

Our network uses the latest affiliate technology to track your results. We understand the importance of every impression and every click. That's why we've invested in software that provides accurate, real-time statistics on all your promotional activities. The performance of all your campaigns can be tracked individually, along with the statistics from other affiliate websites.

What payment options do you offer?

We have a number of flexible payment options available, including Moneybookers, Paypal and wire transfer. We pay our affiliates at the start of every month, so there's no long wait to receive your commissions. If you have a specific request regarding payment, please speak to your campaign manager. We can normally adjust to your terms.

Can you help me be a good affiliate?

Yes! Our network has campaigns suitable for those who are new to the industry or have been an affiliate marketer for years. We can help you to be more successful and ultimately, earn more money. Our system uses the latest technology to provide banners and creative tools to help affiliates make the most of the space available on their websites. In addition, every affiliate is assigned a dedicated affiliate manager, who will be available to speak to via phone, Skype, MSN and email. Our affiliate managers can help you with any queries you may have and will provide advice on how to make the most of your website(s). This includes promoting and optimising your sites to convert at the very highest level, making you more money.