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Our Team
"The key factor in business success is confidence and transparency. I need to know my readers will receive excellent customer service, branded medicines and trusted secure payment processing. You can count with those elements when you promote Hexpress pharmacies."



Company / Our Team

With offices in the UK, Europe, India and Australia we have staff dedicated to helping our affiliates around the clock.

Our best & brightest

Ankur Murdia
Affiliate Manager | UK

With a background in electronic engineering, Ankur brings a new level of technical expertise to the table. Besides helping affiliates trouble shoot technical problems, Ankur sets up new accounts and helps them get started. Very savvy, Ankur knows how to implement technology to make a profit for affiliates.

Filippo Meneghello
Affiliate Manager | Italy

Filippo’s background in financial services as a freelance agent has helped him develop a lot of knowledge in sales, business planning, networking and marketing. He currently works with our Italian affiliates to develop their own strategies, increase their conversion rates and supporting them in maximizing their profits.

Bruno Vilan
Affiliate Manager | Portugal

Vilan has over two years experience in online communication and digital marketing. Originally from Portugal, Bruno has the skills and dedication required to establish mutually beneficial and successful relationships with customers and affiliates alike.

Stephen Suryawanshi
Business Analyst

Stephen developed his research and analysis skills while studying journalism and mass communication at university. He continuously finds opportunities for affiliates and is responsible for ensuring analytical data is accurate and affiliates are paid correctly and on-time each month.